Hillsong United

Hillsong United

Over the last few years, Hillsong UNITED has evolved as a band, but never lost focus of their one purpose and passion: Worship.

Creative, diverse and not limited to any one demographic, the heart of Hillsong UNITED is to create music that reveals the truth of who Jesus is. The faces remain the same - fronted by worship leaders Joel Houston, Jad Gillies and JD, but the team is an evolving collaboration of pastors, worship leaders, musicians and songwriters - all intentional about giving voice to a generation passionate about God.

In studio and out of the studio, on tour or home at Hillsong Church, UNITED is committed to writing songs that speak truth, create a unique sound, connects with churches, individuals and ultimately connects people everywhere with God.

This year, they are taking a new and a fresh approach to their tours, visuals, songs and multimedia while still keeping it as simple as possible.

Hillsong's first live album was released in 1999 and was titled 'Everyday.' "There is a real sense of perseverance within our team, not performance," says Creative Director Joel Houston. "In 2011 we are pushing the boundaries and stretching ourselves; musically, lyrically and believing that God is going to do things He has never done before."

After releasing the full length I Heart film in November 4th 2009, Hillsong UNITED took some time away from their hectic schedules for a season of rest in their local church - much needed time that has inevitably breathed new life into their songs.

In 2011, the release of their newest album AFTERMATH is a thoughtful collaboration that reflects every season of life. Songs that come from deep places, the highs and lows of the Christian journey.

"The message of Jesus Christ is eternal, yet He continues to reveal Himself in new ways...giving us what we need to be followers and disciples of Christ for this time in history," says Joel. "Life with God is fun, its an adventure, it is grace, freedom, peace and everything in between. Whether you are listening to our newest album or our very first, our prayer and passion is that you are empowered to live life with God, encouraged to stay on the course and excited about all that He has for your future."

One thing is certain, the Hillsong UNITED team recognizes the incredible opportunity in front of them...and they are determined to make the most of it...

Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture

Since 2005, Jesus Culture has released four live worship CD/DVD combos. Jesus Culture Band began as the local youth group worship team led by Banning Liebscher when he was youth pastor at Bethel Church. During this time they began leading worship at Jesus Culture conferences both nationally and internationally and thus the Jesus Culture band was formed.

The band consists of Kim Walker-Smith and Chris Quilala along with Jeffrey Kunde (lead guitar), Brandon Aaronson (bass), Ian McIntosh (keys) and Josh Fisher (drums). Together their desire is to see a generation abandon themselves to a lifestyle of worship, motivated by their passion for God. Although they aspire for people to sing great worship songs, they are primarily committed to seeing lives come into His presence through worship... to encounter His extravagant love and raw power.

In 2005 Jesus Culture Band recorded their first album Everything. The success of this album has led to the release of an album each year. For more information check out jesusculturemusic.com

Jake Hamilton

Jake Hamilton

Jake's newest album, Freedom Calling, releases May 17, 2011. Jake Hamilton has been married to his beautiful bride, Nicci, for 8 years. They have 3 children from 5 years old down to one; Geneva Justice, Ezra Ambrose, and Judah Blue. Jake Hamilton is an artist and an activist whose passion is to raise up a generation to sing songs of revival in the nations of the earth. He has been catalytic in the start of several ministries in his hometown of Rancho Cucamonga, California while recording with Jesus Culture Music out of Bethel Church in Redding, California. He also has been traveling and spreading the message of Reformation and Revival in the church through music and preaching over the last few years in churches and at conferences from coast to cast. Jake desires to see GodŐs Kingdom manifest in power as his people encounter Him in worship. For more information check out jakehamiltonmusic.com